About us

Target group of the project are vocational high school teachers from Electric-Electronics department.

Professional development of vocational teachers is the key element for ensuring the quality and relevance of the vocational and technical education both in school and work based. Using the new technologies like as 3D print and prototyping in VET high schools will be strengthen the links between school education and labour market.
There is not a developed curricullum for 3D print training modules for electric-electronic department to implement 3D modelling to engage young minds and increase speed & creativity in school lab. 3D printing technology is important to today’s VET students because they’ll be tomorrow’s employees.
3D printing is everywhere, impacting industries such as healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing and practically any other areas.

Final Beneficiares of project are:

  1. Vocational high school teachers from different departments such as biomedical, ICT, industrial automation, mechatronic, machine
  2. Vocational college lecturers
  3. Senior trainers from industrial organisations
  4. Vocational high school students
  5. Vocational college students
  6. Other individual learners who practice DIY 3D printing technology

Start date: 01 November 2019
End date: 31 October 2021
Duration: 24 months